What do your materials say about your company?

Do your newsletters, promo pieces and websites bring in business for you? Do your communications have typos or misspellings or wrong words that turn off readers? Are they easy to read? Easy to understand?

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I’m an editor, proofreader and fact-checker AND I’m here to help you make your materials logical, readable, interesting and understandable.

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  • Make your newsletters sparkle
  • Perk up your marketing and sales brochures, letters and reports
  • Ensure that your website is error-free, accurate and inviting
  • Check your reports and customer-facing materials for accuracy

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“Corporate communications materials that contain grammatical errors are at best an embarrassment and at worst a liability: If the company cannot pay enough attention to detail to be accurate in its publications, what does that say about its attention to its customers, or the expertise it is trying to sell?”

Wendalyn Nichols, former editor of Copyediting and ContentWise newsletters and the Grammar Queen